Общи условия за ползване

1.1. The prices of the products announced on the site are in Bulgarian leva and are subject to automatic change after a weekly update, without the need for notice from smf-bg.com.
1.2. Delivery is charged depending on the value of the shipment and the type of goods ordered, as follows:
Delivery to Sofia - BGN 0.00
Delivery to Bulgaria - BGN 4.09. If the value of the order exceeds BGN 50.00, delivery is free, but ONLY to Speedy AD office.
Free delivery time for Sofia (only for titles in stock) - from 1 to 5 working days.
Delivery time for Bulgaria (only for titles in stock) - from 1 to 3 working days.
1.3. Payment methods (optionally activated when ordering):
Online payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard).
Bank transfer - the amount is transferred by bank transfer through a bank of your choice
Cash on delivery - the amount is paid to the courier upon delivery
Payment via PayPal, www.paypal.com
1.4. Payment is required to activate an order. If this condition is not fulfilled, then we have no commitment to you, that is, no COMMERCIAL LEGAL RELATIONSHIP has occurred :)!!!
This condition does not apply when you have chosen to pay by cash on delivery from titles in stock, as smf-bg.com RESERVES THE FULL RIGHT to refuse an order to a person with a negative credit history in our database. Details are specified by phone!
1.5. Orders consisting entirely of out-of-stock titles are processed after a prepayment of a minimum of 30% of the order value.
The lead time is usually up to 3 days for in-stock titles and 30 working days for catalog titles from the day of order. The term for each individual title depends on many factors outside of Bulgaria and cannot be determined in advance. Delivery time for out-of-stock titles is approximate. There are editions that take longer or are impossible to deliver, so we cannot guarantee the delivery time for any title. In case of non-delivery, smf-bg.com guarantees a refund under the conditions in the next point.
3.1. You can return purchased titles from the smf-bg.com website within 7 days of receiving them, provided the grounds listed in the following points are met.
3.2. If it is necessary to return an amount that was paid with a card on the smf-bg.com site, the return will be made through a refund operation using the same payment instrument of the user.
3.3. Smf-bg.com accepts claims for defective and damaged products or those that do not correspond to the catalog information on which the order was made. Complaints are accepted on tel. 0888 705 330, and shipping costs are borne by the user. Smf-bg.com replaces the advertised copies with new ones of the same title, and when this is impossible, refunds the amount paid for them.
3.4. A plastic box damaged during transport is not accepted as a complaint.
3.5. Smf-bg.com refunds the amount paid for an unfulfilled order:
if a title is dropped from the catalog in the meantime
within 60 days from the date of the order
3.6. Smf-bg.com bears no other responsibility for non-delivery for any reason, except up to the amount of the payment made and under the conditions listed above.
3.7. Smf-bg.com is not responsible if your music selection does not satisfy you. The goods offered by smf-bg.com are in the form in which they are put on the market by the respective publisher. Smf-bg.com is only responsible for the correspondence between the catalog information and the product to which it refers.
3.8. If a given title is out of stock, smf-bg.com reserves the right to change its price and status as a catalog order title, and accordingly to change the delivery time to "up to 30 days from the date of the order".
3.9. Smf-bg.com reserves the right to change the prices of goods without prior warning.
3.10. Smf-bg.com reserves the right to refuse orders that are in conflict with any of the rules described above.
4.1. You can refuse purchased titles from the smf-bg.com website within 14 days from the date of receipt only on the condition that there is no violation of the integrity of the original packaging and there are no signs of product use.
- Phone: +359 888 705 330
- Email: info@smf-bg.com
- Mailing address:
Sofia 1619
343 Tsar Boris III Blvd
PC 3
Your consent to accept these terms and conditions is stored on a server. Current Bulgarian and European legislation applies to unresolved issues.
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